Saturday Campus Update…

We have many wonderful volunteers at work this morning at the church campus to prepare for worship in the morning.  Again, NO Bible Fellowships and Worship ONLY at 10:30 AM.  We will still have extended care as we do each Sunday morning thanks to our great staff of children’s volunteers.

The building is improving and we thank God for the warmer weather today that is helping us all thaw!  We will meet in the Chapel (COD) for worship in the morning.  I look forward to a time of warm fellowship, joyful singing, and heart-felt expectation at the hearing of God’s Word preached.  Lord willing, see you in the morning.

REMEMBER…Keep thinking of others in your neighborhoods and around the church campus.  What a great opportunity to show folks that we care and know that UBC matters to their community, particularly when we care enough to haul limbs and branches while boldly proclaiming the gospel to every soul we serve.

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