Friday Campus Update…

This Sunday, we will NOT be having Bible Fellowhips for any age.  With so many of you without power and the campus a bit challenging to get around due to down lines and trees, we have opted to focus our efforts on our worship gathering at 10:30.

So, we WILL HAVE church service at our normal time of 10:30 EXCEPT it will be held in the Chapel (COD).  Our heating system in the sanctuary is on boilers and they have taken significant damage during the storm and cannot sustain the building at this time.  We have some men that are working diligently and they are serving you well, although they would opt not to be in the spotlight.  For now, let’s just be grateful for the body of Christ and a campus that will meet our needs this upcoming Lord’s Day.

We look forward to our gathering together for the proclamation of the Word this Sunday, Lord willing.  Any leaders who would be able to come by 9:30 would be appreciated to help insure that everything is setup and our members and guests feel welcome.  Also, keep in mind that our normal Guest parking will actually be further away from the COD and able bodied folks are encouraged to leave as much room on our Maple lot open as possible.  Blessings to you! – Mike

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