Spurgeon on John 6:44

After the message yesterday, I was left wondering what practical use it would be to most of you.  In just a few calls today I have found such peace that God’s sovereign work is THE doctrine of great peace and assurance, whether dealing with sin and its horrific effects or physical trauma.  One of the areas I feel most lacking in my preaching is application, yet in my striving to improve, I find great peace in God’s sovereign work (faithfully) through His word. 

For a printed manuscript of a sermon preached by Charles Spurgeon on John 6:44, click HERE.   

2 thoughts on “Spurgeon on John 6:44

  1. I’m not sure how much application from yesterday’s sermon is necessary. The Holy Spirit has already used those verses and your teaching to work on me in different ways than I ever could have expected. I just can’t get that image of the dead “footprints” being dragged through the sand out of my head… although it probably wouldn’t make for a very good inspirational plaque!

    Thanks for putting in the effort it takes to teach God’s Word in a way that makes it exciting and challenging.


  2. I felt the sermon yesterday underlined again the value in expository preaching. I appreciate your commitment to preaching difficult passages and your faithful presentation of their meaning. Yesterday I left greatly encouraged by the truth of God’s Sovereign work in my salvation and heavily convicted of my own tendency to walk with the shackles of self-effort upon my ankles. Although I sincerely understand and adore Amazing Grace, I often toil and stress like everything depends on Amazing Works. In this, joy is lost and burdens accumulate.

    Thank you for pointing us ever Christward!

    “Renew unto me the Joy of my Salvation!”


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