He is Risen!

As I have been preparing for our Easter Sunday celebration, I thought I would post my Easter blog the night before. This may seem “premature”, but I cannot help but think of the disciples as they were sitting around, hiding out from a similar fate as their leader (Christ), and consoling one another having not understood the references to the Temple being raised in 3 days after being destroyed or the suffering servant nature of the biblical Messiah, which was so contrary to the more political, religious one many anticipated. Imagine the questions, sorrow and uncertainty facing these followers.

I anticipate and expect a glorious morning of celebration Sunday morning, but what could compare to the joy of those sprinting disciples once they heard the news; or the “doubting” one’s hope as he held the nail-pierced hands; or the terror of political leaders as they had to pay off the soldiers to lie about what happened at the tomb. The point being, Christ either is our greatest joy or He is our greatest contention. I hope that you are finding that in Him is joy forever. I hope that your passion and your life reflect the joy that can be found only in a Savior that is ALIVE! He is not ‘THERE’! He is ALIVE! Do you live like you possess the greatest event in our history? I pray that you do.

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