The New UBC Website…

If you’ve arrived here, it’s most likely because you have discovered the new As the information is moved over, please be patient as it will take a few days to work out a few bugs mainly related to a few “appearance” items and the sermon downloads (these take a while to move – no comments on their length, please:).

Once it is up and running, you will be able to see descriptions of most of our ministries as well as some instruction and reminders throughout the site on finding your most lasting satisfaction in Christ alone. There is a calendar tool that will help keep you up to date on church-wide events as well as a secured log-in page to view prayer requests from within our church body (more on that later). For those of you who use iTunes (whether with an iPod or not) will be able to subscribe to an actual podcast of the Sunday sermons. For others, you will find that the the sermon series audio is easier to navigate with a media player built in with the option to just click “Download” so you can save it and listen later (no more need to “right click”). Obviously, this blog is an addition as well. We hope to better and more clearly communicate with you, but please understand that, as stated in my first blog, we will be very careful with the information we share and this increased level of communication will not replace the information we share during regular gatherings or church conferences.

We are very excited about the new site and how it can serve the body of UBC. Our ambition is to update the site almost daily and this blog should be added to several times a week. I am thankful for Tommy Morgan for all the work that he has put into this and Tim Challies ( for the overall design.

One thought on “The New UBC Website…

  1. This is such a wonderful way to keek ourselves fully informed about OUR CHURCH, UBC. BJ and I have frequently used the “older” version and was frequently, as well, found wanting. THANK YOU, Pastor Mike, other Pastors, and particularly TOMMY and the folks who “engineered” this very great means to be blessed every day and stay in tune with what’s happening at UBC and all it’s ministries in a “user-friendly” way. May God Bless it’s future and may ALL UBC membership benefit greatly for browsing the pages several times each week. S/Will and BJ Pruett


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