Together for the Gospel 2012

It is my ambition to unpack this week in Louisville in the days to come. Once again I have to renew my commitment to blog, and this would be a good refresh. The pastoral staff, some interns, and students have been together this week in Louisville for Together for the Gospel (T4G).

T4G has been running every two years since 2006, and I’ve been privileged to attend each one of them. The past two conferences I’ve also been blessed to go straight from T4G to a pastors retreat with 9Marks ministries (Mark Dever) for a time of ministry, planning, fellowship, and renewal.

This year’s theme has been “The Underestimated Gospel.” We have heard some incredible testimonies of God’s good grace, sung great hymns of the faith (8000 voices strong), and shared in some of the best preaching on the planet. The theme itself is not surprising, but the detail with which the Word of God deals with the soul on this subject can be.

Essentially, we do, in fact, underestimate the Gospel and it’s power to save and sanctify on a regular basis. Why else would we fail to evangelize and/or make progress in the faith?

How each message, as well as other thoughts, have handled this topic will be the subject of future posts. In the mean time? Today, I get to hear three amazing preachers: Ligon Duncan (probably my favorite OT expositor); Matt Chandler of the Village Church in Dallas; and John Piper, whom God has used to shape the pastoral theology and ministry of thousands of men, including my own.

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