Intensify update…

When we first began the Intensify initiative for this summer, I had no idea what it would bring.  I’ve never read through the entire Bible in such a short period before.  I have read through the New Testament in a few weeks, but that seemed really easy compared to this task.  Allow me to share with you the one word that has come to mind more than any other during this time for me… RELENTLESS.

I know, you may think I would have some more spiritual word like blessing, grace, love, hope, even Jesus!  But “relentless” just keeps coming to mind.  For instance, when you miss some days along the way and you look at the schedule of reading… relentless.  When you come to the end of a long day and your reading has not been done, you get the kids down, sit on the couch after a late dinner at 10 pm… relentless.

Or, what about when you get in a head-on collision and a few hours later hear that your dad’s had a stroke?  Life is relentless.

Or, what about the temptation that crawls up in your face and mocks you at your weakest?  Satan is relentless.

You then return to the Word of God, even if behind, and read these words of life, given from the God who never sleeps nor slumbers; who always provides for His children.  Then, as you read the text you realize that God is relentless.  God’s Word is relentless.  God’s grace is relentless.  Every single time that fatigue, trial, suffering, sin and temptation reel their heads, God’s grace is relentlessly sufficient.

So, as we read the Scriptures, let’s remember that as God causes / allows all things to occur for His glorifying purposes, His relentless love for His children prevails.

2 thoughts on “Intensify update…

  1. Mike: your words about trials/sufferings being relentless and God’s grace being so sufficiently relentless are like the refreshing rain that is just falling outside. I’ve been quite consumed with the current relentlessness of adjusting to life changes (caring for an aging/ill parent) so much so that the challenge of it has been more consuming than God’s grace……which is such WRONG thinking. I’ve been preaching to myself all the things I know about God and His plan/purposes while not listening to myself. isn’t that crazy????? I appreciate your word “relentless”……..I’ll choose to camp there for awhile. more as things unfold.
    no reply necessary. just wanted you to know how much I needed & receive your word “relentless” as from the Lord.


  2. Relentless… God’s pursuit of me and more importantly my heart. I think back on the times in my life where I’ve strayed away from God, but yet his desire to pull me close to him, to have fellowship with him was…..relentless. My mind now moves to today and UBC. My hope that one day our passion for others and their salvation will be ….relentless. That the body and it’s willing to serve each other will be relentless… That my pursuit of my Lord and Savior and all that He is will be…relentless. I will not stop serving, I will not stop praying, I will not stop loving… relentless.


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