Gospel Coalition Conference – Observation #3

The second talk of The Gospel Coalition conference was John Piper.  The full-length video is HERE.  Following are my brief notes from his talk:

John Piper  (2 Timothy 1:1-12)

Main point (not necessarily the most important point, the main point is what you want to focus on)

–       Timothy, keep feeding the flame of God’s gift in you.  Namely, the gift of unashamed courage to speak openly of Christ and to suffer for the gospel.

1)    Where does this point come from?

  1. Vv.6-8
  2. Fuel the “white hot” flame – “keep on” doing it – God’s gift in you (dependent on the obedient of Timothy, who is enabled to keep it enflamed by God’s indwelling grace) – to speak openly without shame (unashamed courage) – of the testimony of our Lord or the circumstances of others who have spoken of Him (prepare to suffer) – share the suffering (remain under the circumstances) – by the power of God.
  3. How does Timothy get this power?
    1. Through the laying on of Paul’s hands
    2. 1 Tim.4:14

2)    Is this the point of the whole book?

  1. 1:16
  2. 2:3
  3. 2:9
  4. 2:10
  5. 2:12
  6. 2:15
  7. 2:24
  8. 3:1
  9. 3:10
  10. 3:12
  11. 4:5
  12. 4:6
  13. 4:7
  14. 4:16

3)    How does Paul intend for us to feed the flame of the gift in us?

  1. By the power of God
  2. Linking 1:2 with 2:1
  3. By the power of God’s grace in Christ Jesus
  4. Grace, mercy and peace are from God and Christ (Grace to you / Grace be with you)
    1. Paul’s epistles are rooted in this
    2. The Words mediate the grace.
    3. Heed the Word of the Lord and the empowering grace of God in Christ Jesus will give all power and courage to speak and suffer well.

4)    Let’s do it!

  1. This produces a bit of timidity and fear…probably) – you do need to own your faith, but don’t be timid that it flowed from your family lineage
  2. Paul gives himself as a pattern of suffering in sustaining grace
  3. It’s works v. God’s purpose and grace (Eph.2:8-10)


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