Back from “taller” mountains…

Well, it is good to be back with you all.  I look forward to our worship together this coming Sunday as well as getting back to my Systematic Theology class tonight during Fusion.

I will share more about my trip in the coming days, but for now I want to remind you of a few things…


Most of you know how I loathe mentioning money and giving, but it is NOT a necessary EVIL.  It is a necessary BLESSING!  I know the economy is tough.  Dave Ramsey is projecting the toughest 4th quarter in years for non-profits, including churches.  I want to exhort you to continue to give faithfully.  If you are not faithful in your giving, remember that offerings are not bonus, extras or left-overs.  This is a matter of stewardship, obedience and joy.  I’ll leave it at this for now, but seeing God provide for you and the church as a whole through you is a joy of mine and I pray we’ll all join together is submitting to one another by giving our money out of sheer pleasure.


We have started eight LifeGroups this past week.  We will start more in the coming months.  This is a long-term commitment and process.  The groups will not be perfect and figuring out some details will take some time.  However, I believe these small groups to be vital for the future of UBC.  It is through these groups that we will implement our ministry plan to accomplish our church’s greater PASSION.  I  know that it will be an adjustment for your schedules.  Let me assure that we have established a very “user-friendly” schedule beginning in ’09.  We do not want you to compromise your families for church.  In fact, we want your families integrated into the church.  I pray that LifeGroups becomes a bi-weekly part of your family’s schedule.  

ESV Study Bible out in one week…

In case you’re wondering, William Graham Tullian Tchividjian is a Florida native, a grandson of Billy and Ruth Graham, the founding pastor of New City Church, Coconut Creek, FL.

Well, that’s enough for now.  I’ll get back into the blogging “flow” in a few days once I catch up a bit.  Thank you, UBC, for the week away with my family.  It was a blessing.

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