Pray for Catherine

I’m writing to call you to a special season of prayer for one of our families.  Andy and Patty Grove have been going through an awful ordeal that has hit them physically, emotionally, mentally, and certainly spiritually. Catherine, the Grove’s daughter, disappeared from Fayetteville on July 2, 2013.  She left everything and found her way … Continue reading Pray for Catherine

Communication in post- and pre-Christian cultures

Language is at the center of culture. Certainly the most basic language groups identify with one another (i.e. English used in America). However, when it comes to affinity and community, our language has to become even more specific with an understanding of vernacular, dialects, and defined terms. The church, a local gathering of baptized believers, … Continue reading Communication in post- and pre-Christian cultures

When does Post-Christian become Pre-Christian?

There's lots of talk about the gospel and culture / contextualization.  Sometimes the discussion is lost on me, particularly when it sounds like we're just outsmarting ourselves and (seemingly) over-complicating, therefore diluting, the gospel message.  That said, understanding the culture that we're in is quite crucial for effective ministry. Each of our cities and towns … Continue reading When does Post-Christian become Pre-Christian?