Introduction to Matthew

This past Sunday we began a new series in Matthew’s Gospel entitled, Kingdom Community: The Story of Jesus Christ.  I like overviews because of what they accomplish in me and in the body, specifically the BIG IDEA of the book is better understood and the connection to the consistent story of the whole Bible is made.  I hope and pray that’s what was accomplished in the hearers this past Sunday.

However, I also find the overviews a bit difficult because as much as I desire to preach the theme, it is easy to veer into teaching the academics.  I felt like we accomplished the point of the text (in broad strokes) on Sunday morning.  I believe that we all gained a greater perspective that Jesus is the single, glorious Messiah prophesied about throughout the Old Testament, and that He has established, is establishing, and will finally establish His kingdom.  I can only pray and labor to keep the bigger picture in view as we begin to dive into the more specific texts starting this Sunday with the “begets” in Matthew 1:1-17.

I wanted to also give credit where credit is due for source materials for this past week’s message and, I’m sure, in subsequent messages.  I would strongly recommend any of these sources to you, particularly the ones that are single-volume works.  I believe each home (dad in particular) should systematically gain a library of single-volume reference materials that will give appropriate, and accurate, interpretation leading to credible application in your own families.

(Note:  The images are linked to Amazon for more information)

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