Clarification on God’s Love

Yesterday after the Easter Sunday service, I had a confrontation with a young woman who was visibly upset over a statement I made that God does not love everyone.  I talked her through what I meant to say, affirming God’s show of love for mankind in the death of His son, and the fact that God loves people that the world deems unloveable.  However, I also said that Esau was despised by God and that God certainly raises up nations and rulers for the purpose of redemption for His own.

But, I should’ve been more careful and clear with such a grand statement.

I should have said more clearly that God doesn’t love everyone in the same way, but that really would’ve required more explanation, and wasn’t the main point I was trying to make.  Essentially, I should’ve focused on what gives God pleasure without any statements regarding God’s extended love. One of those “do-overs” I wish I could just edit out.  But, I can’t

I do believe that God loves the whole world, but not in the same way that He loves His own.  God shows a particularly love (covenant) with His spiritual children, and this can be traced all the way back to why He chose Israel and made promises to (and thru) Abraham.

I would also say, that there is a love that occurs in His wrath and judgment.  It is, however, a love that is for His glory and renown.  While God shows great patience and compassion for mankind, for we all deserve immediate death penalties, He is particularly faithful in preserving His sheep, having secured their hope in Him forever.

As you can see, there’s much more that could be said, and needs to be in order to provoke us to praise, which should be the end of any doctrinal discussion.  So, it just supports that I should have said nothing regarding God’s love.

One thought on “Clarification on God’s Love

  1. We definitely should be growing in our praise and worship as we become more aware as God reveals His mercy and grace to us more clearly.

    I can easily see more clearly that Salvation is truly a precious gift that has been given to me. For years I felt a thankfulness because I knew Christ was my only chance at redemption. Now as more knowledge has been revealed, that gift of adoption that comes through the redemptive and finished work of Christ on the Cross, it amazes me and makes my heart shake to know more intimately the depths of God’s love!

    And I see the long suffering and slow to anger attributes of our God’s character, which makes me want to praise Him even more!

    Woe to thee who would turn from such a gracious God!


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