Monday reflections

On Worship…

Yesterday was a good day together as a church.  I try to avoid “This is one of the most important sermons I’ve ever preached” kind of statements, because the Word of God is living and active…as in all the time.  However, I do believe that the message from Psalm 33 was/is crucial for us as a church.  If you did not get a chance to hear it (out of town, working in the nursery like my blessed wife, etc), you can find it HERE.

Essentially, worship is the response of God’s people to God Himself as He has revealed Himself in His Word.  Psalm 33 afforded us the reasons why we worship:  1) Because of God’s Word; 2) Because of God’s Rule; and 3) Because of Hope in God.  Therefore, in light of who God is and all that He is done through Christ for us, we must respond like those who have been ransomed, redeemed, rescued, recreated.  We are His!  Can this possibly result in boredom?  Can this possibly result in old, staid approaches and stoic posturing?  This is why Psalm 33 says…

Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.

God’s Word continues to be at work and while He tarries, we are to be exultant in our praise.

On Monday…

I found out this morning I have strep, so I don’t feel like writing much on this, except to say that the above statements on worship remain true regardless and give me reason to rejoice.  As well, I’m glad it’s Monday.  Just seems like a decent day to be ill.  And lastly, I haven’t posted this in a few years, but it still makes me laugh, so here ya’ go…

One thought on “Monday reflections

  1. Amen and amen! Also really appreciated the sermon from Rev. 19 this past week. Looking forward to that day when we’ll worship Him forever together!


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