Father’s Day Weekend Observations…

Here are just a few (mostly random) thoughts on this Father’s Day weekend…in no particular order:

  • Even secular society knows that fathers should be masculine and men should be men (at least this week – just look at newspaper ads)
  • I’m tired of reading, seeing, hearing about pastors and worship leaders that are effeminate
  • I don’t like golf, but there’s something about having the U.S. Open on that makes it feel like Father’s Day (weekend) — pulling for Rory, even though he sounds like a character from Thomas the Train
  • I like being a dad (even though I feel like I stink at it much of the time)
  • I like being my wife’s husband (ditto to the above parenthetical statement)
  • I’m proud of my dad
  • At the end of days, no father will wish he’d spent less time with his children / family
Here are a few resolutions:
  • I am resolved to not allow the Accuser to rob my joy this weekend — I have a penchant for seeing what I’ve not done all that well on such weekends
  • I am resolved to preach the gospel of grace to myself this weekend, and more often daily — it is a gracious gift to be a father and the reason for the gift is the gospel for my family
  • I am resolved to be more intentional in my role as leader, shepherd, evangelist, discple-maker in my home
  • I am resolved to extend forgiveness more quickly and do so in a more even-tempered manner
  • I am resolved to see that my home is joy-filled (and more regularly a place where joy is fought for)
  • I am resolved to realize grace upon grace, more and more — my effort will be from having already been justified, and help insure that my children do not feel like my approval of them is contingent upon their behavior, praying that leads to their joyful pursuit of respecting and pleasing their daddy (better emulating gospel living)
  • I am resolved to keep my lists short and infrequent so that the simplicity of the gospel applied is most apparent and evidenced

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