2010 Personal Reflections

I shared briefly yesterday morning the vast difference between 2009 and 2010.  In 2009, we were blessed with the birth of our 4th daughter (Ruth); I ran the Chicago Marathon in about the same time as my previous marathon 9 yrs prior (3:37ish); and I graduated with my doctorate from Southern Seminary.  Wow!  It was just a great year for events, no doubt.

2010 immediately brought in a different feel altogether.  First, playing ball with college guys I busted (to some degree) some ribs.  Only those with rib injuries sympathize with just how long that recovery takes.  I was surprised to still be sore at times 5-6 months later!  Then, the most tumultuous summer of my life hit.  A serious head-on collision with 3 of our daughters in the car with me occurred on June 29th.  Approximately a dozen hours later I get a call that my dad had had a stroke.  We were scheduled to head to Fort Worth that week anyway for me to work on a book.  So, on we went.

I was shocked at how much these events combined to affect me emotionally.  I was angry, depressed, frustrated, disconnected, and sometimes happy.  I don’t really know how long the “funk” lasted for me, but I know that I was glad for my calling because given what I do, I can’t just hole up and sink into myself.  Now, there were times I should’ve done that more.  However, God sustained and Jan can testify to that.  She had to live with me!

In July I shared in a wonderful experience to Oaxaca, Mexico.  Knowing some stomach something would occur, I was not surprised by some bug when I returned.  What I wasn’t prepared for was a burnt esophagus from a toxic reaction of two meds getting lodged in my throat.  I lost 12 lbs in about as many days.  I was dehydrated and weak.  A tough stretch, because some difficult decisions were ahead.

In late Summer we began serious discussions about the finances of the church and the decisions necessary to make us better stewards and financially balanced.  Those discussions dealt with serious cuts, especially with staff members.  That was going to take it’s toll on everyone, especially those who would be directly impacted.  I can’t calculate the number of hours spent in meetings, but much of the solace was that I was there (in those incalculable hours) with faithful men and women of UBC.

Well, the rest of the year was really about dealing with the events of June – October.  Even at this writing I’m still dealing with insurance issues from the wreck.

Do I write these things to whine?  I really don’t.  I’m leaving out so much.  For instance, the hopes of turning my dissertation into a book was a serious goal and desire this year.  That was blown up when the air bags went off.  No, I write to say this one thing…

As much as one year gives what to serious changes in another year, my God almighty never, ever changes.  He is ALWAYS good, gracious, sovereign, merciful, just, promise-keeping, patient, long-suffering, and He is coming.

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