The Challenge Update…

What an incredible first week we reported to you earlier.  Almost $200k given to The Challenge in the first 7 days.  Well, we were certain that week two would be a lull.  It was a bit less, but not by much.  We have now had over $320k given to the challenge (even more than the image below indicates).  This is amazing.  I am grateful for your faithfulness to see our line of credit removed, better stewardship afforded, and by God’s grace a more aggressive approach to retiring our building debt.  These are exciting times.

As well, we have seen over $20k given to Lottie Moon.  As you consider your end of the year gifts, please remember to pray about your commitment to Lottie Moon as these monies go to directly support our missionaries all over the world.

I intend to write more later on what spiritual disciplines are being formed in our body, but for now a brief update will have to suffice.


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