Week 1 of The Challenge…

So, I’ve sought to be open and honest with you in every way since I arrived four years ago.  We’ve talked openly about even ideas we’ve had, even more so with actual decisions that need to be made.  Therefore, I want to tell you that the first week of The Challenge (zeroing debt / multiplying ministry) has been nothing short of incredible.  The reason I introduce the update this way is because I want you to be encouraged, to rejoice, to praise the Lord for His provision.  I also want you to press on and continue to see this through.  No tricks.  No manipulation.  Just an encouragement to glorify God in what He’s done and continue to fast, pray, and give as He leads.

Now, for our first week of December (and these are approximate numbers) the body of Christ @ UBC has given about $185,000 to the budget and about $15,000 to Lottie Moon!  Incredible.  Makes sense from a faith level, but the jaw drops still.

To put this in perspective, our goal is to balance the budget this year (approx.$280k); raise additional funds to pay off the line of credit (approx. $180k); and additional funds for a reserve account so we can leave the line of credit behind (approx. $130k).  This means that we are already very close to goal one of balancing the budget just after the first week!  I praise God for you faithfulness.

I ask you to pray for me as I prepare a short sermon series “Treasuring Christ at Christmas” out of Matthew 6.  I pray that we all press on to help one another battle against unbelief (by treasuring worldly things) and battle for belief (by treasuring Christ above all else).  Love you all and excited to see the Lord’s continued provision in our midst and His great work for the gospel through us.

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