Reading through the Bible – Reflection #3

Reading the first part of Numbers is hard.

How’s that for reflection?  Actually, reading through has been a blessing to see God’s larger redemptive story, yet sovereignly administering details.  In the greatest scheme, I’ve been exhorted to remember that God is always accomplishing His purposes; that this includes the existence and overcoming of evil by Him; and God is really, really passionate about His people acknowledging and worshipping Him as the only True God!

Lastly, reading through Numbers is hard, especially when you’re a day or two behind, which I am!

2 thoughts on “Reading through the Bible – Reflection #3

  1. Hey Pastor Mike! I am about halfway through Numbers right now. Some interesting scriptures. I found a cool verse (Num. 18:19) talking about the salt covenant. One thing that I have been thinking on a lot this summer is what it means to be salt and light. After doing a little cross referencing (which lead me to Leviticus 2:13) I learned about the significance of the salt covenenat. I found that salt was symbolic for faithfulness and continued purity. Cool stuff! Intensify has been great for my discipline this summer. I’m behind but it is really stretching me and growing my desire for the Lord!

    Ben Nye


    • Awesome. I love reading the phrase “I found” regarding what’s been seen in the Scriptures. Reminds me of the discoveries of the Babylonian exiles in Nehemiah 8. There are always turning points when God’s people discover what He’s commanded for the good of people and His glory.


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