Reading the Bible thru…

Our Intensify initiative for this Summer is grounded in reading the Bible all the way through in 90 days. We will be posting some updates soon to the website so that you can share your stories and testimonies along the way during these 90 days. Until then, you are welcome to comment here and interact with one another.

I’m going to get the ball rolling with just a simple, but joy-filled, observation. Twice on Day 2 I met with different folks in the church and just during the course of our conversation something came up that touched on the narrative in Genesis 1-16. It wasn’t, “Hey, how’s your reading going?” Or, “What did you learn new?” Either would be good questions if you have some regular folks you meet with. Instead, it was simply the people relating something they saw God do with wrestling through some truths and applications in their own lives. Loved that. Having been in those texts gave a sweet unity to the conversation.

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