Un-marketing the Church

Okay, here’s what you do…

1) Make sure that it’s Daylight Savings weekend (spring forward @ 2AM on March 14th) — that’s right, boys and girls, lose an hour’s sleep tonight!

2) Begin new security protocols for the nursery and toddlers (pastor doesn’t even get cut slack)

3) Then…make sure you preach out of Leviticus 18 on Sexuality and the Law, including ALL the verses about every vile sinful sexual practice that God abhors.

If you can do this all in one weekend, then you just may win the prize for the most un-marketable church on a given weekend.

Okay, I’m kidding… except for all the stuff happening on Sunday, March 14th!  Actually, I’m looking forward to our time.  Be sure to print the notes when they become available.  Tomorrow only, leave your kids in their respective Sunday School rooms, and be expectant for worship!  Hey, this is our commitment to the Word.  No hard passages left alone!  God has something great for His people tomorrow.

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