One thought on “Invest for life, but DON’T retire…

  1. Tragically, millions of those of “retiring age” are also sitting in front of their televisions day-after-day pacifying themselves until death. So much wisdom sitting idle!

    All around Fayetteville there are college students and young adults making terrible decisions because of a lack of mentorship. Titus 2 (older instructing younger) has never been a reality for them, yet the “younger” know the need. I’ve been asked by college students multiple time while conducting discipleship seminars, “How do we find older men/women who will meet with us?” They aren’t looking for a polished program, just a friend. No agenda, except Christ-honoring honest listening and sharing.

    This is just one area where the retirement agenda of our culture is being felt; many more exist. It just happens to be the one I view from the front row.

    Thanks for posting this video.


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