Super Bowl: More than clashes on the field…

Here’s a response video by Planned Parenthood to the Tim Tebow spot (sponsored by Focus on the Family) that ran during the Super Bowl (barely noticeable to be honest with you).  Of course, the response occurs before anyone saw the ad…

Joyner and James should be thankful that they were able to say anything to their mothers, given their strong, respected mothers could have aborted them.  Here’s why I’m posting this, though.  It shows the ego-maniacal approach that Planned Parenthood takes.  EVERYTHING is on the woman.  EVERYTHING!  There is no place for God or the child in their defense.  It is completely and entirely indicative of our culture that such eg0-centric thinking drive our defense for such abhorrent behavior and action.

We need to humble ourselves before a mighty God.  Let’s pray for mercy, grace, and power to be demonstrated on behalf of the unborn.  As we do, let us examine our own lives and root out this eg0-centric idolatry, confess our own sin, and through prayer (first) defend the defenseless on the grounds of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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