Not just some “touchdown” Jesus…

You know, I’m not a big fan of “touchdown-only” Jesus celebrations.  I like the guys who show their Christianity beyond the endzone; you know, when there’s a loss or some major injury – that seems to be a bit more “real life” to me.  Frankly, there’s just little that makes the world wonder at the things of Christ when Jesus is only acknowledged win teams win and athletes score.

Also, I have not been a fan of the Florida Gators for many years.  The Steve Spurrier era made that easy.  I just cheered against them because, for whatever reason, I just didn’t like him as a coach – some look in his eye or something (you know, really intelligent reasons for disliking a guy!!!).  But I have to say, I’m a fan of Tim Tebow.  I believe that guy is the real deal.  I’m thankful that he understands that any success he has is to draw attention to Christ.  Even setbacks he’s had are being over-shadowed by his faith in Christ.  Read a new ESPN article HERE.

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