A Strange and Beautiful Week…


I want to report that we have exceeded our Lottie Moon giving goal of $40,000!!!  That’s great news!  There’s still time to give more.  Remember, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offerings go entirely to missionaries and their work.

Along with that, Garey Baxter and I were visiting earlier today about the church’s financial situation.  I was so pleased to hear his report that as of right now we have exceeded giving from last December (2008) and are within about $35,000 of meeting expenses for 2009.  Hopefully, the rest will come in the next few days.  We still have a long, long ways to go as a church with our finances, but these are good reports that show the work of faithful people in honor of the Lord and His work (both locally and globally).


What a joy it was to send our team off to N.Africa this week.  Travel is tough enough during the holidays, but with recent events, travel is made particularly difficult.  I loved seeing a few of our folks going for the first time — they’ll never be the same.

Along with that, my heart has been tugged back to Vietnam.  I’ve visited with a family this past week that includes 3 adopted children from Vietnam, and have briefly touched base with a dear pastor / mentor / friend (Bob Roberts) who travels their frequently and just memories have come flooding back of my love for the people place and people there.


This is the first Christmas in our (almost – Jan.8) 16 years of marriage that we’ve not gone to Fort Worth for Christmas.  It’s been the right move for our family and has been good (I think) for others.  I was blessed to be part of Linda Lilly’s funeral service today.  She was a faithful Sunday School teacher and follower of Christ.  I didn’t know her well, but what I knew of her mattered the most.

Right after the funeral, I had a meeting with a couple getting married in March.  Family, funeral, wedding plans — and while I feel so very unfaithful, I am grateful that God’s Word was sufficient for in it all.  We know this to be true, but to experience so many various things (and emotions) in just a 6 hour time span reminds me of the beauty and sufficiency of God’s Word.

I’m glad it’s been a strange and beautiful week (so far) so that I can realize God’s power through (my) weakness and His sufficient Word (Psalm 119 is a Psalm reading today and is all about this truth).

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