About my last post…

I’m not proposing a political position, maybe a juxtaposition.  I am against the promotion of gay marriage, abortion, and government-led education programs that seek to be the center of community.  If that makes me against a man, an administration, so be it.  I am against corruption in government, and that is not bound to a particular party.  I am not one who believes all of our founding fathers were Christians.  I do believe they established our country on Jude0-Christian principles, which is for the good of the people, but it doesn’t make us “Christian” – only Christ does that…individually.

I believe the church has wimped out for the most part in the West.  I believe we have so sought growth and numbers that we have expected very little of those who claim to be members of our churches.  I believe evangelical churches are full of well-intentioned, ethical, but unsaved members.  I believe that the gospel must be front and center in the church above all else.  I believe if the church would preach the Scriptures faithfully and disciple consistently, then the body of Christ will have a kingdom-mindedness that will pervade our political viewpoints and eventually produce a pronounced distinction from the world (while we are in the world and influencing it).

I believe we should pray for civic leaders at every level.  As well, as citizens in a free society, we should hold them accountable, especially against corruption and the keeping of their word (I don’t care what party they represent).

I also believe this world is not going to get better.  I believe it is heading toward a destructive / re-creative end, and that Jesus Christ will visibly return to establish His reign.  Therefore, while I’m here, I will seek to first and foremost proclaim the gospel in every setting I’m in.  I will also hope and pray for civil order and social good through the means provided for us so freely in our country.  But I have to say, this pursuit pales in comparison to the pursuit of the glory of God in the Gospel of Christ for the joy of men in every country and society on the planet!

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