Socialism seeks to displace the family with government

Frankly, I’m not going to get near as political as I’m tempted to here.  But watch and listen closely to the video of Arne Duncan, the Education Secretary.  It’s clear that the government agenda of indoctrinating children with secularized ideals begins with the “progression” of the public school.  This is the kind of thinking amongst our national leaders.

We can use all the platitudes we want.  This administration consistently surrounds itself with people like Duncan, who along with Obama, seek to champion Gay and Lesbian rights in the public schools — in fact, going so far as to endorse such a SCHOOL.

The church better rise up and faithfully proclaim the truth of Scripture and equip whole families to live out the gospel at home and at school.  The church better pray for those teachers who are believers, because my suspicion is that within a generation, Christians who teach will have to make some serious religious / ethical choices even to teach in the public school system.

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