Leviticus, here we come!

Here are a few points to ponder regarding our upcoming series in Leviticus that begins this Sunday @ 10:30 AM:

  1. God has a plan
  2. God has ALWAYS saved by grace
  3. God is Holy
  4. God demands that His people be Holy, too (Lev.11:45; Eph.1:4)
  5. God makes provision for us un-holy types (Lev.16; Heb.4:14-16)
  6. Christ has fulfilled EVERY SINGLE righteous requirement of God
  7. Christ has incurred EVERY SINGLE bit of God’s wrath for sinful men like me
  8. God’s greatest desire is to dwell with His people (to be worshipped in their midst)… He has always done this and has made every provision necessary for this to occur — for He must remain Holy and we are to become more like Him; therefore Christ is our only hope.
  9. Leviticus exists because Christ pre-existed

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