I need to clarify something for those of you who do not know me or just downloaded the sermon notes from this past week without watching me preach (including subtle facial expressions).  In my message this week I gave a list of quotes from C.S. Lewis, John Calvin, and Benny Hinn.  After quoting Benny Hinn, I shook my head, made no comment and moved on.  I AM NO FAN OF BENNY HINN!  The quote I used was this:

“…never, ever, ever go to the Lord and say, ‘If it be thy will’ Don’t allow such faith-destroying words to be spoken from your mouth. When you pray “if it be your will, Lord,” faith will be destroyed. Doubt will billow up and flood your being. Be on guard against words like this which will rob you of your faith and drag you down in despair.” (Rise And Be Healed)

Given that the text we read from instructed us to pray the Lord’s will be done, I believed that Hinn’s quote was so counter to Scripture that no comment was needed.  Probably what was unnecessary was using Hinn as a quote at all.  The truth is, though, I am no longer shocked at who people read and listen to.  In the Baptist churches I’ve served I have known people who positively spoke of Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Marilyn Hickey, Kenneth Copeland, and Joyce Meyer.  While I don’t demonize these folks, they all have major elements of false teaching (even heresy) and I just wanted to illustrate that the false teachings of many are directly opposed to scripture – as with Hinn who actually says to REFRAIN from doing something that Scripture COMMANDS.

Anyway, I’ll back off.  That’s really why I didn’t want to comment on it.  Truth is, I should have left it out……maybe.

One thought on “Okay…

  1. Mike, I appreciate your taking the time to clarify your reason for quoting Benny Hinn for those who were either not there or perhaps did not catch what you meant by the shaking of your head. I am really only commenting because of your last sentence. I believe most people in attendance understood why you included the quote, since it was in obvious contrast to the text in our Bibles. And it is appropriate for you to be concerned for the few who may have not understood, and you just cleared that up very well. You clearly do not wish to make a habit of being critical of other leaders, but as long as those criticisms do not become a primary focus, it may be appropriate at times to point out, BY NAME, those who are sharing a false gospel, which Benny Hinn clearly does on a regular basis. At the very least, it might cause “fans” of these false teachers to ask The Holy Spirit to help them listen with greater discernment…. nothing wrong with that! You would expect nothing less from us as we are listening to you, right? You are not comparing those men to yourself anyway; you are comparing the words of those men to the Word of God. You are probably more concerned about the confusion it may have caused, but in response to your last thought, saying that you should have left it out… I respectfully disagree. 🙂


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