Pray for Pastor Tommy Nelson…

Tommy Nelson is the Senior Pastor of Denton Bible Church in Denton, TX.  Is is a faithful pastor and powerful teacher.  He had a heart attack today and is doing well.  I ask that you pray for him.  Here is more information:

The Denton Bible Church website reports that Pastor Tommy Nelson had a heart attack this morning.

“As many of you have already heard, at about 10:15 this morning our pastor Tom Nelson was in the church office and developed a severe pain in his chest. Dennis Boots (a fireman and ER guy) was close by and was able to assess the situation very quickly. His wife Teresa was called and she was able to get here very quickly.

“We called 911 immediately and the Fire Dept. responded very quickly. Tom was taken to the hospital and is there now getting care. As the ambulance left Tom was awake and responsive but in a good degree of pain. The evidence right now points to a possible heart attack.

“By God’s providence, a cardiac specialist was close by when Tom arrived at the hospital and they took him straight in to get a Cardiac Catheter. This is good that he was able to get to the hospital so quickly and that he is getting the best care possible so quickly.

“Tom did undergo surgery for a cardiac catheterization. During surgery they found that Tom had a 100% blockage to a single vessel in the heart. They were able to successfully open that up and he is doing very well. The doctor’s say that he has good function to the heart.

“One of our Elders, Dr. Manny Desai said this is an obvious answer to prayer and very good news. Let’s continue to pray and trust in God.”

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