Martin in England #3 – Worship in England

Today marked the end of our longest stay in any one place, we departed London and headed for Edinburgh, Scotland. The train ride was awesome and beautiful as we passed the wonderful English countryside and headed for Scotland. However before we left London, we had the privilege of worshiping at East London Tabernacle Baptist Church. There wasn’t anything spectacular about the church, though it was one of the intentional church plants of Spurgeon. The thing I have most enjoyed about worshiping at two different churches here in England so far is they don’t look exactly like our churches in a couple of really great ways. First, they more closely resemble what I picture the universal church looking like as men and women from every tongue tribe and nation are in the very presence of God worshiping Him forever. These churches are very culturally diverse and every thing about that feels right to me. We are so white middle class in our church in a community that radically not! What a joy it was to anthem the name of Jesus with my brothers and sisters in the Lord, to whom there is neither slave nor free, Jew nor Gentile. Second, when the worship service is over no one is eager to leave. There literally were very few that left immediately after the service as this time was devoted to fellowship and meeting guests. We are so quick to slip out the doors of the church and talk about where we will go eat it seems that all too often we rob the Lord of the message He is stirring in our hearts. We don’t give proper time to let the message sit and linger having it’s full effect on us at that moment. It was a joy to watch the body of Christ reach out to visitors and members alike after the service.
After we got to Scotland, the view out my window is what I am standing on in the picture below. Me and two friends, Drew and Matt, summitted the top of Arthur’s Seat and took in the views of Edinbourgh and an awesome thunderstrom that literally blew right around us. Pictures never do justice for the experience of climbing this ancient volcano.,_Edinburgh

Please continue to pray for Randy and Ana as they should now be in Alabama with family preparing for the funeral and burial of Randy’s father who passed away 2 days ago. Randy and I are in the same extension center and he and his daughter flew out this morning to be with his family after the passing of his father who was ill.


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