In Memory Of…

As we come up on Memorial Day weekend it is important for us to remember those who have paid so much, even their lives, for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States.  The freedoms we enjoy allow for great good and great evil.  It is the responsibility of free citizens to help and aid those without a voice and unable to help themselves.  The government should help us maintain these freedoms with responsibility.

The idea of human rights is based on the idea in our constitution that we are endowed with said rights by our “Creator.”  Now, the church too often adopts this for their overall view of humanity, which scripture says is fallen.  While we are the chief of God’s creation, we are creation nonetheless.  We have a capacity for social good, and responsible to do that.  However, God’s kind of good is only for those who are in Christ Jesus (read Rom.3 if you doubt what I’m saying).  Soldiers throughout American history have died to maintain our human freedoms and their sacrifice (through God’s providence) make us the most free society on the face of the planet, with the greatest capacity for human good.

Our government should lead the world in defending and helping the helpless.  There is no greater helpless segment of our society than unborn children.  As long as these unborn humans are seen as tissue, the government will get it wrong.  Perhaps while many are trying to remove the 10 Commandments from courthouses everywhere we should have many publicly reading Psalm 139.

Here’s what Piper says…

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