Gospel Coalition Conference – “There and Back Again” (Final observation)

Now we come to my final observations from Hobbiton, I mean Chicago.

There we were about half way through the first day and I began to notice an underlying theme.  I leaned over to Cole Penick and inquired of him…he confirmed my suspicions… The Gospel Coalition is the Shire of evangelicalism.  Allow me to explain.

First, I noticed the strong resemblance between Don Carson, and Bilbo Baggins…

Don_Carson_1 bilbo.jpg

Then, there came the nagging feeling that Tim Keller had a little “Gollum” in him…


I then get a text from Cole Penick to notice the speakers in our workshop room.  Here they are…


And the final piece of the “puzzle” was when Ligon Duncan professed his strong affinity for all things J.R.R. Tolkien, whom I suspect he’ll look like when he gets older (pipe or no, I have no idea)…



So, there and back again.  The Gospel Coalition Conference was fantastic, but we definitely got more than we bargained for!

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