Gospel Coalition Conference – Observation #7

Bryan Chapell is a professor of preaching and author of probably the most definitive contemporary book on expositional preaching, Christ-Centered Preaching.  I thought his treatment of 2 Timothy was exceptional and practical – meaning of the greatest help to me for the people of UBC.  Here are the notes…

Bryan Chapell

2 Timothy 3:10-4:1-5

You bank everything on the truth and nature of the Book.  Being reminded of the nature of the book (vv.16-17) is essential to effective ministry.

1)    The Word of God is “breathed out” by God, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  When the Bible is read, God speaks.

  1. Luther, “The Church is God’s ‘mouth-house.’”
  2. God speaks to His people through the Word
  3. The faithful exposition of the pastor is the voice of God.
  4. Jesus continues to speak to His people through preaching the Scriptures.
  5. God has left Himself a witness

2)    There are expectations at the preaching of the Word

  1. Expectation of purity
  2. Expectation of persecution
  3. Expectation of power (4:1)
    1. Jesus is speaker and audience in our preaching
    2. Resurrection power
    3. Enables preaching the Word (v.2)
  4. Expectation of patience (even as you preach with authority)

3)    The Hand of Jesus is Present in the Proclamation (the voice of Jesus)

  1. Ps.19:7-10 (that which inspired by God reflects His nature)
    1. Perfect (reviving)
    2. Sure (making wise)
    3. Right (rejoicing)
    4. Pure (enlightening)
    5. Clean (enduring)
    6. True (righteous)
    7. Desireable (satisfying)
  2. At least 3000 times in the Bible “thus saith the Lord” is used in one form or another
  3. The idolatry of self will be confronted
  4. The isolation of self will be addressed

4)    The Heart of God is revealed in the Word Proclaimed (His voice)

  1. Apart from him there is heartlessness
  2. Only God is perfect, and the sacred writings (OT) led Timothy to understanding the gospel.
  3. It is the Word that has done this – given Timothy a heart for God
  4. When you have the voice, hand and heart of God, you have Jesus (the Word proclaimed is the presence of Christ with His people)
  5. Ps.119:131 – God revealing Himself in His Word (the Law) that the only satisfying drink is to know all that we can know about God and fulfilling all that pleases Him
  6. The way you give your people Him, is by giving them His Word!!!

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