A View of the Scope of the Atonement

Russell Moore is the Dean of Theology at Southern Seminary, where I am completing my doctoral work.  I respect him a great deal as a teacher, professor and preaching pastor.  I have corresponded with Dr. Moore on a few occasions and find a real affinity with him.  He has a wonderful passion for adoption and theology.

In one of my classes at Southern I recall Dr. Moore sharing his view of the atonement and why he does not hold to limited atonement in the traditional reformed sense of the phrase.  His viewpoint is very compelling and reminds me of why it’s one of the most challenging doctrines to reconcile.  While I hold to a bit more “particular” view of the totality of the redemptive work of God in Christ’s atoning work, Moore gives the theological perspective that Southern Baptists (I believe) should hold to if they believe in Christ’s atoning work being unlimited in scope (but still limited in application – i.e. we are NOT universalists).  Read the piece HERE.

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