Understand, Pray and Take Action…

Last year, voters in Arkansas decided to establish that children should only be adopted by married couples.  Without going the route of “duh”, this is a serious issue that the ACLU is now fighting, saying that it is unconstitutional and discriminatory.  Read the latest article HERE.

I really can’t say all that I would like to say about the ACLU, mainly because I don’t trust my heart and am fairly certain my tone would not remain in the “godly” realm.  Suffice it to say that the ACLU is arguably the most discriminatory agency on the face of the planet, because they do not defend the “civil liberties” of all equally.  They have decided to take those whom they believe are the most discriminated against and super-impose more rights in their favor to the discrimination of other American citizens.

I’m all for equal rights.  Those rights should be defended for those of various races and backgrounds.  I cannot stomach racism to any degree (so, please do not make racial jokes in my presence).  But that is just what the ACLU is proposing.  They say that those who practice homosexuality are actually a race, as if their lifestyle is no choice but genetic and inarguable.  I would add that this has to include those of the heterosexual variety who are cohabitating.  I do not believe that ANYONE unmarried has the right or the responsible behavior to adopt or provide foster care for children.

Now, even in our own state the argument is that there is essentially “crowding” in our foster care system, meaning that there are many more children in need of adoption and foster care than there are adoptive / foster parents available.  So, we can (and should) battle legislation that would put children in unmarried (including homosexual) homes, but we also must be willing to be part of the solution.  This means the church should become much more proactive in promoting adoption and foster care.  Is this not a biblical image?  Is this not a great opportunity to deal with racism (by adopting children of other races and ethnic backgrounds)?  Is this not (ultimately) a great opportunity for evangelism and raising up a godly generation?

Think about it.  Pray about it.  Take action.

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