‘Twas the Day Before Christmas…

Alright, I had thought about coming up with some poem on the fly, but will just opt for a few words instead.  My thoughts this morning, as they seem to be this time of year, are around the significance of this day and my stewardship of this past year.

First…today.  Christmas eve evokes thoughts of the trek of Mary and Joseph to find a place for this miracle of God’s son being born to occur.  Have you consider how fantastic this charge to Mary and Joseph was?  They were almost unflinching in their obedience.  In fact, apart from a few understandable questions, they followed through on a fantastic journey of obedience!  How incredible is that!  We have the full revelation of God’s word in plain speech, the full record of God’s revelation of salvation, and yet we have a far more difficult time obeying than did two (probable) teenagers hearing from angels and dreams!

Certainly we don’t worship those who obey any more than John was supposed to worship the angel in heaven during His vision in Revelation.  We should, however, understand that this young couple were chosen by God in no less of a way than you and I are chosen by God.  God’s will perfectly accomplished through frail (non-divine) humans!  What a great example and challenge.

Second…this past year.  There are a hundred places I could go here, but let me simply say that (once again) I find the greatest sense of loss and challenge in the area of solitude (followed closely by more personal evangelism).  While I pray on the run and in mind throughout a lot of days, my retreat into solitude is lacking.  I miss the intimacy that only that can bring.  Pray for me to recapture a deep, uninterrupted solitude on a daily basis.  I will pray the same for you. 

My prayer for you on this day and time of year is the same as always (just with a little more perspective)…

“God, may we become a people united in glorifying you, by treasuring you, Christ, above all other things…losing earthly affections.  And Father, may we reach more people with the gospel than ever before that, by your sovereign grace, they may become worshippers of you.  Holy Spirit, accomplish this in us for the glory of the Father through the Son.  Amen.”

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