2 Days Before Christmas…

Lowell Grisham wrote an article in the paper yesterday that I encourage you to read HERE.  

Here is my response (read his article first for full effect)…

I find myself agreeing with Lowell Grisham in that Christians should not be angry or imperialistic (I don’t really see where Christians are establishing an “empire for military and trade” – Oxford Dictionary).  Christians should be kind and gentle, loving others enough to share with them the truth.  However, that’s firmly where the agreement ceases.

 In view of Grisham’s article(s) it would seem that his interpretation of “Christian” is the larger umbrella under which all religions everywhere should be happy.  I challenge Grisham to actually articulate what he means by Christian.  It would appear to be only a feeling, or the “spirit” of the thing, but in Grisham’s views I find no gospel at all.  Now, the gospel can be redefined as being what will redeem man to one another for peaceful unity on an eco-friendly plane of existence.  However, scripture states that the gospel includes the fact that in Christ, God was reconciling the world to Himself (2 Cor.5:19) by dying for sinners (Rom.5:8) so that they will be adopted sons (and daughters) of God (John 1:12-13). 

 That is why Christ came, to ransom sinners like me (John 1)!  That is what should be celebrated as we remember His incarnation.  You can twist and turn scriptures to appease all the peoples of the earth as much as you would like, but the Scriptures make plain (unless reason exceeds Scripture as authoritative) that man is not “ok” in his current condition (John 3:18).  And those who are believers in Christ were at one time enemies and sinners as well (Eph.2:1), which is why Christians should be (must be) gracious and kind and humble…for they did not save themselves but were bought with the blood of Christ, sealed forever through the resurrection.

Grisham states, “Christmas is a time of generous hospitality and joy, a time to sing together our dreams of peace, and a time to give thanks for the coming of light into our darkness.”  But from Grisham’s writings the darkness is always external and we are victims of it.  Until men and women come to grips that Christ came because they actually NEED a Savior, not just a good moral example of ecumenical bliss.  Sinners need saving, and we are all sinners (Rom.3:23).  I want to be kind here, but if a man is called to be a minister of the gospel, proclaim that gospel, otherwise redefine the calling.

Christmas is NOT a time to welcome every religion under the sun.  Rather, it is a time to be distinct as Christians (with all kindness and mercy).  It is a time to realize that whether or not a store says “Merry Christmas” it does not affect the rule of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  Let us pray and share the gospel.  Be distinct!  Let go of making your Christmases filled with all that the world does.  Remove the dross and distraction, and capture the astonishment of the world by heralding like the angels, “Christ THE Savior is born!”



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