2 thoughts on “4 Days Before Christmas…

  1. Thanks for this charge, Pastor Mike. The older I get, the more I am recognizing the sense of urgency in sharing the Gospel as often as I can with my unsaved family members. Thank you for your prayers for your flock. (BTW, does Jan only serve cereal at breakfast??? I am so disappointed. You tell her that I think a pastor’s wife should be making biscuits from scratch and frying up eggs and bacon EVERY morning!)


  2. I concur too regarding this charge and encouragement from our pastor.

    I have felt so inept at expressing the most awesome gift that can be received during this most incredible time of the year when we remember who our Savior is, when He came the first time and like Mike shared yesterday that He is coming soon again to gather His flock.

    We should be so focused on sharing the gospel to others especially during the time when Christ is the reason for the season.

    The Penn & Teller video is very telling too and a very grim reminder that there are so many people that are lost and right in front of us that need to hear about our Lord & Savior.

    Merry Christmas and may we all go and tell it on the mountain!


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