Interesting Times…

I want to recommend Al Mohler’s blog today.  HERE is an intriguing article about Michelle Obama’s choice to first and foremost be a wife and a mother to their two young daughters.  It is interesting that so many feminists are in an uproar, literally believing that the First Lady elect has wasted her Princeton and Harvard degrees on motherhood.  Why is education at the highest levels for women more admired in this country than being married to a godly man and seeking to raise godly children?  Well, that’s probably another blog (or ten).

I may be dabbling in something here that may cause some concern, but I wonder what the response to the above article and decision by Mrs. Obama will be in the conservative evangelical community.  I mean, didn’t many popular evangelical leaders at first say that Palin should not lead because she is a mother to young children, only to turn around and endorse her, even using some biblical examples of women in governmental leadership (let’s just ignore the fact, for now, that these biblical examples where either judgments on the nations or were women without younger children)?

Look, I’m not supporting any party here, most of you could guess where my political allegiance lies.  I’m also fairly skeptical whether Mrs. Obama will continue this commitment over the long haul.  Do I have confidence that she is teaching her children the Word of God?  Not sure.  What I do know is that I am grateful for this decision at this point by the Obama’s, because political parties and positions will come and go with any given election, but the culture war is being lost every day in this country.  We have so devalued the beautiful role of women in the home and have seen the “girlification” (can I coin this word?) of men that the biblical roles of men and women are wildly confused.  We should protect and defend biblical manhood and womanhood even in our culture because the role of man and woman in the marriage should image the relationship of Christ and the church (Eph.5:22-33).

Given the stances by the Obama’s (historically) on abortion, I’m thankful for any pro-family decision we see come out of the White House.  I do not condemn or judge them.  I may radically disagree on some major issues, but that does not dismiss my responsibility to pray for and even respect my leaders.  Have I said too much yet?  God bless you all as you wrestle with how your faith intersects with our culture.

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