A Loss for Words

Sorry!  Had to remove the link to the video.  The Way International changed the link to go to their main site.  I think the increased traffic raised some eyebrows.  I don’t want to disrespect them, but I certainly don’t want more attention drawn to their teaching, which is one more brand of man-centered, positive thinking teaching.

8 thoughts on “A Loss for Words

  1. That was mildly disturbing in a very clean-cut sort of way. Did I see this on one of those late night TV Offers… wasn’t it “Gospel Dance Party”?


  2. I can see it now … John and Angela doing hip hop. What a “blessing” that would be.

    Seriously, I’ve seen other videos like this (one with a youth pastor break dancing and preaching at the same time) and it is very hard to focus on the message when there’s so much “entertainment” going on. I cannot for the life of me imagine Jesus preaching to the masses in this way or His approving of our doing so today.


  3. I thought that was Will Ferrell for a second. Don’t let Saturday Night Live see this they would surely do a take-off of this!

    This clip made me laugh and it is good that our pastor has a great sense of humor!

    I know we don’t need this in our choir. Some might like to get down and boogie at church, but probably not many of us………i hope!


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