Bible Fellowship News…

We are starting a new Women’s Bible Fellowship on Sunday mornings at 9:15am led by Patti Latta (Jan Lumpkin will assistant teach).  The material will be the same as the other Bible Fellowships (John MacArthur’s Acts Study).  This class is for ladies of various life stages who just may feel out of place in another class at this point.  Whether you are a widow; attend church without your husband; single; or even the wife of a staff-member (or otherwise involved husband) you might find this class very engaging.  It will meet in the Conference room on 3rd Floor Randall (the same floor as the offices).

Worship by Design follow-up…

In light of our recent mini-series on Worship, here are two good follow-up articles that emphasize the need for the church to focus on a congregational / vocally-driven worship experience:

The Importance of Corporate Singing by John Piper

The Slow Death of Congregational Singing

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