Review of The Shack

Many of you have either read The Shack or at least heard about it.  I’ve had several conversations with people about this book.  I have not read it yet, though (probably the greatest frustration of doctoral work is putting other reading aside).  I have read several reviews and commentaries, however.  

I wanted to provide for you what I consider to be the most thorough review of the book.  This book, and its subject, is particularly relevant to UBC because it deals with the Trinity and I recently preached a message on the created purpose for worship being to spread the glory of God shared in the Trinity.  I mentioned in that message the danger of earthly analogies regarding the Trinity.  It’s not that all analogies are intended to be heretical, but protecting the biblical doctrine of the Trinity (the truth of it, not the word — “trinity” is not a word found in scripture) is essential to orthodoxy and, therefore, right worship.

The review is a pdf document by Tim Challies, a very popular blogger; writer of The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment (recommended); and the guy who put together the shell of our website.  Here ya’ go: The Shack review

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