Presidential Candidates @ Saddleback…

I did not get to watch the whole forum, but I read much from the transcript and others commentaries on the event.  I found Al Mohler’s BLOG particularly insightful and worthwhile.

It is important to remember two things when we deal with candidates and the church:

1) The church and/or pastor cannot endorse a candidate.  This is vital for all to remember, but we can talk about the issues all day long.

2) Regarding issues, while we can talk about them all day long, we should not elevate them above why we gather as a church, much less a Sovereign God who establishes governments (see Rom.13:1-7). When people get more riled up about candidates and political positions than they get excited about glorifying God in all things, it’s just plain idolatry (either actually or because of the intense worry and anxiety).  This does not promote passivity, rather priority.  

God is not voted on.  There is no democracy in heaven.  We have one here (I believe the most peace-filled form of government) in order to manage our depravity and maintain order.  It is a common grace of God to give order to men.  We don’t deserve it, but God does it (not everywhere, and we’re left to trust the same Sovereign God in tyranny).  God does not serve in 4-year terms.  

So, when I hear people (even jokingly) say they’re going to move out of the country if “so and so” becomes president I get discouraged.  I’m not discouraged because I trust our form of government and country (there are checks and balances, but we are moving toward the end of the world…daily).  More so, I find my discouragement in that these jokes, blogs, emails, chatter, comes from born again believers, blood-bought by Christ.  People who treat God as if His hands will be tied if His party does not win (again, I’m no moderate, I have strong convictions, but God has no party any more than He has a football team).  If we flee the country will God not be there?  If my candidate loses is God not still on the throne?  Democratic processes (whether in the country or our churches) are great exercises in trusting a Sovereign God together.

According to 2 Corinthians 5:20-21, we are ambassadors in a foreign land to be stewards of the gospel of God’s grace, which is found in our “home country” in heaven with Christ.  If our churches worshipped Christ with the kind of informed veracity that we have with political candidates and issues, the world would know whose we are without any doubt.

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