Phil Keaggy and Stuttgart, Germany

Quick post tonight…

I enjoy listening to instrumental music during a portion of my studies on Saturday evening.  Tonight I was listening to an older recording by Phil Keaggy called “Beyond Nature.”  The clip below is the second song on the CD.  I bought this CD while living in Stuttgart, Germany right after college as a short-term missionary.  It’s incredible to me how sounds shape our memories.  I can still remember (although 17 years ago now) looking out of my office window at rain and snow while studying to teach our singles (a mix of 20 some-odd nationalities).  What listening to this evokes in me is a memory of a stripped down life for the purpose of the Word among an international community.  

Next time you have an extra 5-10 minutes during the week, drive by the church, go a few more blocks and see the international community known as the University of Arkansas.  What sounds will those students hear out of us that will cause them to look back in 17 years and remember with profound fondness.  May it be the simple Word of God proclaimed, sung and lived!

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