FYI: Why we need to stand against the lottery…

You all know that I rarely (if ever) discuss politics, and part of that is because it is unethical and immoral to be a pastor and promote partisanship.  However, we may talk about issues all day long.  When I lived in Memphis, I had a brief opportunity during a television interview to speak against the lottery based on the fact that it promoted distrust in God’s provision.  Now, that could be taken and used against gambling as well, but they are not that different, are they?  Well, the lottery most likely will come up again in Arkansas this fall and you need to be informed.  NoArkansasLottery is a great resource for you to have some objective stats that will help you see what a socially irresponsible thing the lottery is to virtually steal from the poor and poorer, so that the middle and upper-middle classes can gain more scholarships.  Just look at the information for yourself and I’ll leave it to you, but whether it’s a “right armed bandit” or “scratch and win” the end result is the same:  I don’t trust the God who sees, knows and cares for the sparrow and much more knows how to care for me.

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