Questions on the Emergent Church

Last night we had a great time in our Gathering for Q&A (at least I had a lot of fun).  Many questions surfaced on divorce & remarriage; healing and anointing with oil; whether or not there’s a second blessing and more.  One of the questions had to do with the “emergent” church and the distinctions with the “emerging” church.

I may begin a series of posts on this issue, but let me first offer an important summary article and some reviews of some relevant books on the subject from a trusted source, 9Marks Ministry (this is a ministry of Mark Dever, Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, from whom we have used resources for teaching through the Old and New Testaments on Sunday mornings and most of our FUSION classes).  


An Emerging Church Primer

Book Reviews:

Why We’re Not Emergent

Blue Like Jazz


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