Report from Last Night’s Church Conference…

It was an important night last night for our church.  We approved and affirmed several important items that I believe will serve UBC for many years to come.  Here is a brief summary:

  1. The church unanimously approved amending the church constitution to require the Discovery Class for membership.  As well, this amendment helps clarify our process of stewardship with member candidates.  In short, those desiring to join the church will do the following:  1) Complete the Discovery Class; 2) Present themselves publicly to the body of UBC; and 3) Be voted on at a quarterly church conference (in keeping with this, we approved the membership of 50+ people last night).
  2. The church affirmed a change in J.D. Dudley’s ministry position.  J.D. will be moving into the position of Director of Family Ministries to give oversight to our family integrated focus as a church.  He will work alongside Bev Worley with older children; give oversight to our youth ministry; continue to run the LTP (collegiate internship); supervise the men’s and women’s ministries; as well, JD will help coordinate church-wide, family supportive events and programs.  This is a good move and JD will do a great job!
  3. We announced that in keeping with our ministry plan (Discover, Equip, Reach, Renew) we have formally included “Reach” to John Mueller’s title and responsibilities and “Discover” to Garey Baxter’s title and responsibilities.  Staffing to our ministry plan will help strengthen our faithful pursuit of our church’s passion:  GLORIFYING GOD BY TREASURING CHRIST ABOVE ALL THINGS AND REACHING OTHERS THAT THEY MAY FIND LASTING JOY IN HIM!
If you should have any questions on these things, please contact the church office and we can give you further details to aid in your understanding.

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