Church Conference, Wednesday, April 23rd @ 6pm

This Wednesday we’ll have a quarterly church conference.  This is an important meeting / gathering of the membership of UBC.  Too often people just think of “business” related to these meetings.  I see them more as ministry reporting and updating.  This conference is very important because the church body will have the opportunity to vote to amend our constitution to require the Discovery Class for membership for all candidates from this time forth.  We’ve discussed this and hopefully you have seen the great benefit of raising expectations and being faithful stewards of the gospel with everyone who entrusts themselves to our care and fellowship.

Also, we have some important affirmations and announcements to make concerning staff and leadership.  I’m tempted to leave that hanging just to get more of you there, but in reality these are all very good, positive moves and nothing too terribly drastic.  I’m excited about this.

We will still have our regular class schedule beginning at 6:30 PM, so please be in the Sanctuary right at 6:00 so we can begin promptly.  I have to say this, one of my greatest ambitions is to get at least 50% of our church body in our church conferences.  We are a congregational church, where the final rule and authority of the decisions lies in the hands of the congregation (with leadership given by pastor/elders, service by deacons, and administration through committees / teams).  So, it’s imperative that the church body take responsibility and enjoy being together to help set the course for being a faithful, local body of believers who are striving to be good stewards of the gospel.  Remember our passion…

GLORIFYING God by TREASURING Christ above all things and REACHING others that they may find lasting joy in Him!


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