In Between

This is a reflection through poetry I wrote today just meditating on the idea of all that God has done through Christ in between the events and elements we’re so familiar with.  If you have any questions regarding the references or imagery, please comment so I can clarify.

In Between

In between the Old and New
History’s course was being laid
For sovereign work and grace did brew
Incarnate love for sin’s debt paid

In between the cloth and straw
Condescended glory in view
Choruses sung and gifts were brought
Infinite love to make men new

In between manger and wedding
Perfect life quietly on display
Work of priest and lamb perfecting
Obscure love now in the fray

In between the orders of men
Truth pierced and divided hearts
None without thoughts of Him
None able to discern His parts

In between a court and cross
Life strode up a barren hill
Human weakness brought Him loss
Divine love drove Him onward still

In between the two thieves hung
One whose wrath He gladly bore
While being reviled and spit upon
A thief would be a thief no more

In between tomb and resurrection
Followers grieve in full despair
Seeming victory of insurrection
Dying love their hopes forbear

In between two men He walked
Speaking His truth from ancient script
A strange familiar way He talked
Revealed love their hopes uplift

In between the now and then
Sheep anxiously listen for the One
As if confined to spiritual pen
Living the battles of a victory long won

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