Family Worship…

Has anyone recently begun to have a time of family worship?  I’d love to have your testimonies included here.  Feel free to comment.

Also, remember that on our website we have a Family Worship Guide that provides a suggested reading, discussion, song, memory verse and catechism HERE.   Although this is just one family worship session, it can provide a good order, and use the elements for the entire week.  The important thing is to just get started!  By God’s grace, you CAN do this!  By the way, it’s work for me to many times (both for consistency and the time itself).

4 thoughts on “Family Worship…

  1. We have been doing Family Worship since the guides have been posted on the site. Yes, we have missed some when there is a Sunday conflict, but that is rare. The only thing we really haven’t adopted is the singing. However, I’m feeling convicted about that.

    It has been wonderful and very fulfilling. My wife and kids love it. After dinner on Sunday’s they are always anxious and ready. I expected my two youngest to resist, but I have seen none of that. They look forward to this time every week. I would encourage anyone to try it. It takes no time to prepare if you were at the service that day.

    Just for accountability, I’m feeling convicted about doing this more frequently. This has been on my heart for months now and Don Whitney’s sermon this week has just reinforced that conviction. Feel free to hold me accountable on this in the weeks/months/years to come.

    God Bless,


  2. I enjoyed reading what each of these men stated from a biblical perspective and on the attributes we know from scripture of our God and Savior.

    What I take away and have always thought, reinforced today, is that God in His goodness and mercy saves these infants and youth, and in doing so the parents and family members should see not only God’s incredible display of grace, but also how immediate they are to be in His presence.

    As days go by, I can only see death as an immediate and instant awesome thing to be in the presence of the Lord!

    This world offers nothing except the opportunity to share Christ and live for Him, daily and to be used for His glory to reach others.

    If you are called home early, even as a young child or infant, you are still His and with Him, which is all that I can yearn for!


  3. It is comforting, but we must be cautious, again, about defining an “age” or stage of life this would apply. There would certainly be a point when we just aren’t sure. My nearly 5 year old and 7 year old have a pretty clear understanding of willful disobedience. I have a burden for their salvation.

    I appreciate your comment on this life compared to the life to come. If we were all more spiritually minded, longing to be with Him, our testimonies while here would be far more powerful. Thanks.


  4. Katie, the kids and I have always had a bible story time together (most nights); recently we began to be more structured in those times. We are not only reading stories, but also having a prayer time together incorporating some of what God shows us in the story and ending with a song that relates to the story if possible. I am not much of a singer (and I really did not think this would stick), but I was wrong-not only are the kids loving it, we are too. I am excited that we are doing it and glad we did not wait any longer to start. Thanks for encouraging us toward this family worship time!


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